I work as a proposal photographer as well as a wedding photographer in Kent, the UK and overseas. I think it’s a great idea to hire a photographer to photograph your proposal because it’s a once in a lifetime event and it’s amazing to have a record of it happening including the reaction to the proposal and all the emotion that goes on after the question has been asked. Here are a few photos from a recent proposal that I photographed for Nathanael and Lindi. Nathanael had booked me secretly and we agreed on a location in Canterbury, Kent. I was sat down on a wall pretending to take photographs of the architecture(!!) and then when he got down on one knee I was photographing from a distance. Lindi didn’t realise I was there until after it all happened! I then went onto photograph their wedding too! If you’re planning a proposal and you’re thinking about hiring a photographer then email me and we can chat about your plans!

Roshan & Amrisha’s Proposal

I went on an undercover mission to Leeds Castle to photograph Roshan proposing to his girlfriend Amrisha. Amrisha thought she was going to his dentistry work event at Leeds Castle but that wasn’t the case at all! Roshan proposed to her in front of the Castle and SHE SAID YES!! I’ve never seen someone so happy and surprised as Amrisha and Roshan pulled out all the stops with a room in the Castle and dinner in the restaurant for them and their Parents. See all the images here

If you’d like to see some of the proposals I’ve photographed in London click here…