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I celebrated 10 years of being a Wedding Photographer this year and 2021 has been THE BEST year yet! My level of gratitude for doing this job has increased no end after not getting to shoot much in 2020. I’m amazed I made it through the busiest wedding season ever without picking up any illness […]

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I just won a Fearless award?! I thought the email might have been a scam or a wind up but it’s actually true!! Olly from Canterbury has his photo recognised amongst the world’s best photographers! It’s genuinely a career highlight. I can retire happy (in a few decades…) I’ve been entering photos to Fearless for […]



When I’m not making music, drinking coffee or going out on a run I work as a documentary wedding photographer across Kent, the UK and overseas. What gets me excited about documenting weddings is that I’m always on the look out for moments. Moments of intimacy, moments of joy, moments where there’s huge hugs, tears and embarrassing dad moves on the dance floor! 

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