BEST OF 2021

I celebrated 10 years of being a Wedding Photographer this year and 2021 has been THE BEST year yet! My level of gratitude for doing this job has increased no end after not getting to shoot much in 2020. I’m amazed I made it through the busiest wedding season ever without picking up any illness (especially you know what!) and without making any couple wait more than a month for their images. I’ve found this year that Brides, Grooms and their families are just so happy being able to finally celebrate together and the dance floors in the evenings have been better than I can ever remember them being (it’s almost like we couldn’t party for 18 months…) Switching to mirrorless cameras has been a breath of fresh air (Canon R6 for the win), adapting my colour preset and no longer working in music two days a week has given me even more focus (pun intended) when it comes to Photography.

I took 140,000 images this year, I sent over 18,000 to my couples, I photographed 38 weddings in 2021 (my busiest year!) I think my canapé consumption is sadly down this year (only around 40) but I’ve travelled 6,500 miles using my electric car (VW ID3) for all but one of my weddings. It’s more than just the stats though- the weddings and my couples this year have been truly amazing. I’ll always remember partying until 1.30am in Rome with James & Tina, marvelling at how creative Jack & Daisy’s wedding was in July and having so much respect for Sam who decided to go ahead with her wedding even though her immediate family couldn’t be there as they had to isolate. I look back and chuckle when I remember Sean’s Dad Rob getting me to show everyone my seagull socks throughout his Son’s wedding day and Olivia’s Mum Jean introducing me to a group of friends quite loudly when I was trying to discreetly photograph them! 

My work has been awarded this year more than ever before too. I received 2 This is Reportage awards for my images in 2021 and it’s been my career ambition to get a Fearless Photographer award and I didn’t just pick up one but THREE in 2021! These awards meant that I was ranked as best Wedding Photographer in SE England, in the top 15 in the UK and top 100 in the world! The picture I took of Maria and her Mum smoking is now one of my all time favourites. I’ve also made it through to the finals of The Wedding Industry Awards so we’ll see what happens in January! Speaking of next year 2022 is shaping up to be pretty cool too. I’m fully booked already as I’ve got over 30 weddings in the diary and I’m excited about trips to Tuscany, Bordeaux, Kew Gardens and Rome! Bring it on! Enjoy my Best of 2021…