I’ve photographed at Minley Manor once in 2020 and once in 2021. I love the French Chateau look to the building, the cloisters that surround the property and the beautiful countryside views from the back. Alastair & Bex made full use of those amazing views for their outdoor wedding celebration at Minley. I haven’t heard this many people singing together over the last year! There were so many voices during the ceremony and the sun came out as we sang (me included- singing, snapping and welling up!) It’s a ceremony I will never forget not least because storms had been forecast all week. Suzanne at Minley Manor was so welcoming and lovely to me and also to Alastair & Bex! I photographed Alastair & Bex’s ceremony last year and they appeared on the BBC news being interviewed as they were one of the first post lockdown weddings (my pics were shown too!) and Minley kindly opened their doors back then for some pictures. I look forward to coming back to Minley Manor in the future.

Olly I’m so frustrated, I’ve just driven all the way to Skye and now I need to drive all the way down to Canterbury to give you a massive hug! We’ve watched the slideshow and it’s a real tear jerker. So many amazing pictures to relive the day. You’re a hugely talented man. Thank you so much for all you have done!