Millennium Bridge Proposal

Fabi proposed to his girlfriend Charly on the Millennium Bridge in London in January. Fabi emailed me a few months before this to tell me that him and his girlfriend were visiting London from Germany and he wanted to surprise her on their sixth anniversary of being together with the biggest question of all! I got to the Millennium Bridge about an hour before the proposal happened just to check where to stand and what the light was doing. It was beautifully sunny for a January afternoon but it was also bitterly cold with strong winds. I stayed in place and waited for Fabi and Charly to arrive. I’d seen a picture of them and recognised them when they started to walk over the bridge. It was like I’d seen a celebrity and my heart was racing as only I and Fabi knew what was going to happen next! I’d said to Fabi I’d be wearing a bright yellow coat and for him to take 10 paces beyond where I was standing and then to propose to Charly. He did exactly that and Charly was so surprised and enjoyed the moment so much that she didn’t see me until a minute or two after it happened! After this Fabi took Charly to Covent Garden (their favourite place in London) and then they both sat down and had a macaron from Laduree. They bought me a salted caramel macaron- it was incredible! These two are lovely and wow- what a privilege to document this moment for them!

“Hi Olly, We all agree (family and friends) that all pictures are so beautiful. Charly, my mother and her mother cried so you did a perfect job. Thank you very much for the slideshow, this was a brilliant idea. King regards from us both”

All of the moments, none of the fuss