Djordje & Bethan’s Pre Wedding Drinks at Comunale Caffe e Cucina in Belgrade

I got to travel to Serbia to photograph a brilliant wedding this year. Djordje & Bethan had their pre wedding drinks at Comunale Caffe e Cucina in Belgrade the night before their wedding. Comunale is a restaurant and bar down by the river in Belgrade. I went along to get to know the family and friends of Bethan and Djordje and also to take a few photos of what was going on (armed with a camera and a Mojito!) I really loved the warm low light vibe of the place and there were some nice moments between Djordje and Bethan, Bethan and her Dad and one of my favourite images was when Djordje’s Parents were cracking up at something their friends were saying on their table. I loved getting to photograph Djordje & Bethan walking off at the end of the night knowing that it would be their last walk together before they were a married couple! I shot everything on a 35mm lens using available light and here are a selection of my favourites. If you want to see my street photography from Belgrade click here. The wedding pictures are coming tomorrow!

All of the moments, none of the fuss