Belgrade Street Photography

I had the amazing privilege of going to Serbia to photograph a wedding in Belgrade. I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never been to Serbia before but I fell in love with the city of Belgrade! Kalemegdan park with the fort and view across the city was beautiful. The park gave me one of my favourite street photos with a couple of older chaps playing chess in the outdoors on a bench. We loved eating and hanging out in the Bohemian district where you’d hear Serbian folk musicians serenade people at their restaurant tables. I ate my body weight in Cevapi (small pieces of meat in a flatbread with cream and onions) The Church of Saint Sava was huge and breathtaking and the new parts of the city were interesting to look around and photograph like the new bars and restaurants down by the river. Belgrade is a place that I really want to go back to in the future. All the photos beneath are unposed and undirected. I wanted photos that really represent the people and the place of Belgrade without having typical “tourist photos” that most people would leave Belgrade with. I hope you like them and why not go out there yourself?

All of the moments, none of the fuss