Winters Barns Winter Wedding

Ian & Olivia had a Winter wedding at Winters Barns in Canterbury. Remember that Saturday in November when the rain came down heavier than it did when Noah built the ark and when the wind was stronger than on the film Twister (circa 1996)? That was the day when I photographed this wedding!! The second I got out of the car my umbrella broke. Then I borrowed another umbrella. That broke two minutes later too! Good job Ian and Olivia were a super fun couple and a good job that their guests were so enjoyable to be around and to photograph! We even managed to sneak outside for a few minutes in the afternoon. The Mr & Mrs Game in the evening was funny and on the dance floor Ian and Olivia had the time of their lives. I LOVED photographing this wedding. Weather? What weather! Olivia said…

Let’s start from the beginning: it was always going to be Olly for us. Having done our research and fallen in love with his documentary style work, we kept coming back to his page and both decided he was ‘The One’. The next step was to put our pitch to Olly and hope he would be as invested in us! Thankfully Olly was available on our date which was the best news ever, the rest was a dream. Meeting Olly was like catching up with a really cool, funny mate and he made us so at ease in his company and able to be ourselves. We knew we were in good hands and it made us even more excited for the big day to see how Olly would capture it.

On the day the weather was unfortunately not on our side, frankly it couldn’t have been much worse, I am still not convinced that the rainbow umbrella wasn’t actually yours Olly… ! However Olly was ever the professional and talented photographer, grabbing us for photos outside whenever there was a brief gap in the rain and wind. Olly made it fun and we were so relaxed in his company, it was like having a friend there. If you are a bit shy or just want a really laidback photographer who captures the day without you really realising, then Olly is the one for you!

We welcomed Olly as our guest and he blended in so well with all our family and friends, everyone was so complimentary of him on the day and noted how they didn’t notice that photos were being taken. This leads me to the photos. Wow. We can’t thank Olly enough for capturing our day so beautifully, naturally and entirely. What we loved about the documentary style was seeing what our family and friends were up to during the day when we were elsewhere and also special moments like greeting everyone straight after the ceremony. We just wish we had the wall space to have them all hanging up. I am so proud of our photos and have shown them to everyone I’ve had the opportunity to!

What really shines through is how Olly has captured how happy we and all our nearest and dearest were, despite the weather and whatever else. Everyone had so much fun and thanks to Olly, we are able to relive all those moments whenever we look at our photos. We feel so unbelievably lucky to have had *actual* Olly Knight as our wedding photographer and implore any couple planning their wedding to make an enquiry and check out his work. You won’t regret it. That’s just leaves us to say: Olly, thank you with all our hearts. Mr & Mrs Roots

All of the moments, none of the fuss