Tom & Yas’ Wedding at The Dreys

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Where do I even begin with this one?! Tom’s wedding (featuring Yas) happened at The Dreys in Kent on a gloriously sunny Saturday in September. I remembered Yas as the tooth brushing Bridesmaid at a wedding I shot 5 years ago. From that wedding 5 years ago there was another Bridesmaid Rach. Rach had a Brother called Tom who Yas got to know. Now it was Yas’ turn to brush her teeth as a Bride (the photo had to be taken…) and marry Tom!

I had high hopes for this wedding as Yas is one of the kindest people I’ve met and both her and Tom wanted to throw a huge party so they hired me until the very end of the night and there was crowd surfing and flowers in mouths. The party was epic, there was so much emotion, really talented suppliers and lovely guests to get to know. I’m so happy with these preview pics. Aren’t these two the most beautiful couple imaginable!?

Having met Olly some years back at my best friend’s wedding (while I was brushing my teeth, might I add) I was already very comfortable around him and had seen how his warm, friendly approach had you feeling like you’d known him forever (even though it had only been a few minutes). I actually told my mum that if I ever got married, I knew who I wanted to take the photos. 5 years later, my partner Tom and I got engaged, so I emailed him to see if he was available to photograph our wedding and thankfully, he was! I’d have changed the date if he was busy (I’m not even sorry). 

On the day, Olly was chatting to our guests, putting everyone at ease and just being himself. I was in the passenger seat of the car on the way to Edinburgh when Olly sent our previews over and I cried into an empty box of Tesco yum yums. The emotion he’d captured was like nothing I’ve ever seen, and I felt it all right there on the A1 while trying to make sense of Google Maps. When Olly sent our gallery over we sat on the sofa and watched the slideshow on the TV. I cried again (happy tears, don’t worry!) and then we spent the whole evening going through them. We laughed so much, pointed out the funny moments and got a little tearful at the emotional ones. We love every single photo – so choosing our favourites is a difficult task. The one of my Dad seeing me in my dress holds a really special place in my heart and it will stay there forever. 

If you, like me, are a little nervous in front of the camera, I can promise you that you will feel completely at ease with Olly behind it. We didn’t have to pose or act a certain way. Olly encouraged us to just be ourselves and he’d take care of the rest. Olly, you will never know how much happiness these photos have brought us. Your patience, kindness and talent speak for themselves. Thank you for keeping me calm, making us laugh and letting us be in the moment – you are amazing.


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