Tim & Helen’s very first date was sat in the great outdoors with a flask of tea and two cups (Tim said that Helen instigated it!) and on their wedding day these tea lovers did it again and sat and drank tea in the countryside near Portsmouth dressed even smarter this time and I got to photograph it! I made my way down to Portsmouth and after giving the car a quick charge (my first long distance wedding with the VW ID3!) I spent some time with the boys then the girls as they got ready. Helen is a critical care nurse so after the year we’ve all gone through she’s had it especially tough but this wedding brought them and their immediate families and closest friends lots of joy. They had their ceremony at Kings Church in Portsmouth and then had a bit of a chance to eat some cake and drink some champagne after the ceremony had finished. They’re having their reception later in the year so we used the time I had with them to go and visit a couple of their favourite spots in the area. We went to Lavant Village Green where they had tea together and then went to The Trundle which had beautiful views out to sea. I loved this little wedding a lot and I remember saying to Tim and Helen how it was so lovely not having to direct them even for their couple pictures as they were so sweet with one another and comfortable in one another’s presence. This was my second wedding with the Canon R6 cameras. I also went fully silent with the shutters which was amazing for the ceremony!

Olly created a stunning set of photos which captured all the special moments of our wedding. He knew exactly where to be to get the best shots and most of the time we barely noticed him, so everyone looks really natural in the images. We know we’ll keep coming back to Olly’s photos again and again because they tell the whole story of our wedding day.