The Tiger Lodge at Port Lympne

Matthew & Zarah chose to spend their wedding evening at The Tiger Lodge at Port Lympne Zoo in Kent. It was an incredible experience with views one side of the lodge for miles out to sea and the other side of the lodge had a huge glass window looking directly into the Tiger enclosure. Matthew & Zarah had been so sweet in the run up to their wedding even sending my kids little Christmas gifts (how kind is that!?) Zarah’s Mum had sadly passed away but Zarah wanted her Mum’s favourite chair (where her ashes are kept in a box of memories) to feature in some of the photos. One moment that will really stay with me was when Zarah’s Dad was standing beside the chair sharing some memories of theirs. The ceremony was an intimate gathering in the Glasshouse at the Secret Garden in Mersham. It’s such a delightful setting and looked amazing for the sit down meal too. In the afternoon Matthew & Zarah surprised everyone to a chocolate making class before they both went off to the Tiger Lodge for the evening. It was so lovely documenting this and travelling round with them on their golf buggy as they went to see the animals after the zoo had closed. These are some of my favourite images from the day

Zarah emailed to say “Thank you so much for all of our lovely photos. You have done such an amazing job.”


All of the moments, none of the fuss