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Adam & Lizzie’s wedding at Ashridge House was off the scale good! I’d captured Adam proposing to Lizzie a couple of years ago in London so I was excited to carry on documenting their story together. At their wedding the grandeur of Ashridge House and the beautiful sound of Lizzie playing with her big band […]

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I had a bit of a secret squirrel mission this morning. I left the house when it was dark outside, got in milky (my car) and made my way up to London. I sat on a bench in Saint Dunstan in the East Church Garden pretending to chat to my Mum on the phone as […]



When I’m not making music, drinking coffee or going out on a run I work as a documentary wedding photographer across Kent, the UK and overseas. What gets me excited about documenting weddings is that I’m always on the look out for moments. Moments of intimacy, moments of joy, moments where there’s huge hugs, tears and embarrassing dad moves on the dance floor! 

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