The Ravenswood Wedding Photography

It was my first time to The Ravenswood to provide the wedding photography for the amazing Dave and Katie. The Ravenswood is a wedding venue near East Grinstead in Sussex and has some beautiful grounds, a lake and a really unique stone castle like structure for outdoor ceremonies (you’ll see what I mean in the photos!) I first met Katie at a wedding last year when she stroked my beard (a bet between her and a friend) and first met Dave when I said “this crazy lady had grabbed my beard” then he said “that’s my girlfriend Katie!” Katie caught the bouquet, jokingly said “well we’ll have to have you as our photographer then” and the rest is history! These two are one of the most fun couples I’ve worked for. I loved the Bridesmaids all dancing and having fun during prep and also when Katie’s Daughter (who’s only 6!) gave a beautiful speech. Katie said…

When I first met you at Mike & Amy’s wedding I realised you weren’t just a professional photographer, you showed us just how down to earth you were and that you could enjoy yourself! You make it seem like you’re there as a guest, not a business. Only a couple of minutes after Dave proposed I realised it meant that I got to have you taking our wedding photos! We were so happy to share our wedding day with you, not just as a photographer, but as a friend. We love the images!! Thank you so much!! Cried at the slideshow and love all the pictures – you’ve really captured the fun of the day!

All of the moments, none of the fuss