Nick and Kelsey’s Wedding at Winters Barns

When Nick and Kelsey came to meet me at my house in Canterbury we must have laughed together for the majority of our time together. They told me how they’d got together through a cheeky message on Tinder (see beneath) and then how Nick had proposed to Kelsey in Budapest. I couldn’t wait for their wedding at Winters Barns and the day definitely didn’t disappoint! From the moment I arrived I got such a warm welcome from Kelsey her Bridesmaid Yasmine (who was an absolute legend all day!) I loved how Kelsey showed such emotion from when her Dad came to see her in her dress (who was one of the smiliest Dads ever) to when her and Nick were exchanging vows in the ceremony. In the speeches everyone saw some interesting(!!) pictures of Nick and I learnt that he’d actually been on CBeebies as a vet (I’d probably watched him without realising it was him!) Kelsey gave a speech and was so thankful for her Bridesmaids as she spoke and was also a total comedian! I love it when Brides give speeches and this one was amazing. Nick and Kelsey are a wonderful, happy and very easy to get along with kind of couple and it was an absolute pleasure to document some of the laughs, hugs, smiles, wasp attacks(!) and kisses from their day. Here are a few of my favourite images.

All of the moments, none of the fuss