Matt & Stacey had their wedding at East Quay in Whitstable. They are two of the nicest human beings you could ever meet. They have more degrees and PHDs than you could shake a clever stick at but they also exude amazing amounts of kindness and love for each other & their friends and family. I met them at Tim & Conni’s wedding back in 2017 and since they booked me in 2019 to shoot their wedding I’ve been really excited to be part of it! Their wedding really didn’t disappoint- the atmosphere, the dance floor, the moments! It was great. I came up with their wedding hashtag that plays on their married surname (very proud)!! #1helliwellofawedding

Having met Olly at Conni and Tim’s wedding (our dearest of friends), we were blown away with his stunningly warm and charming personality, which reflected so beautifully in his photography. Our view of wedding photography was very much a staged experience with relatives old and young shuffling their feet waiting for their call up, however Olly’s approach had everyone fully committed and engaged on the day and our favourite photos of that day were the candid ones. Olly’s name was the first on our guest list, we absolutely had to have him at our wedding and despite us rescheduling our wedding 3 times due to COVID, we would have rescheduled again and again to secure Olly for our big day! As important as his incredible photography is to the eternally treasured images of quite simply the perfect day, it is the intimacy and genuine interest that Olly showed in us from our first meeting in his lovely family home in Canterbury to our wedding day, that makes us feel so strongly about recommending Olly!