My friends The Butlers booked me to do a family shoot last week for them. This was the first time I’ve been able to work as a Photographer since we went into lockdown in March. The shoot was amazing. I’d missed photography so much! I spent some time photographing Will, Emily and their two girls playing in the garden and then I documented their walk across the fields next to their house. I appreciated jokes made up by a 4 year old, lots of skipping and some really sweet moments between the two Sisters as they held hands out on the walk. The shoot was socially distanced but me staying away two metres didn’t have an effect on the photographs. I still love the moments that I captured for them as a family. My way of photographing isn’t to pose but to capture the essence of family life. During lockdown as well as spending more time with my family I’ve been teaching myself how to make videos and music at home. The Butlers are moving out of the Canterbury area soon and I will miss them huge amounts so as a goodbye surprise gift I made this short film for them and composed the soundtrack. I’m thinking of starting to offer this to other families so if you like it get in touch!

Where do we start?! We are fortunate enough to call Olly a friend and took the opportunity to have some family photos taken before we leave Canterbury. Time with Olly was a TOTAL joy! We genuinely forgot he was there to take pictures and we were just chatting and laughing together. Our two girls love Olly and Floss had an amazing time laughing at all of his exceptional Dad jokes!

The photos are totally beautiful and capture the heart of our little family, we adore them and will treasure them so much. Olly has captured memories of our time in Canterbury, and delivered the images so quickly. Just couldn’t recommend Olly highly enough. Our Florence (4) ‘Olly was very funny, and I liked the pictures. And he was so clever that he did the music for our video.’