Kennington Hall Wedding Photography

I went to Kennington Hall to do wedding photography for the delightful Matt & Nicola on a sunny Saturday in August. This was my first time to Kennington Hall and I loved working there. It’s a beautiful family owned country estate near Ashford in Kent with fields surrounding it and some woods too. It’s only been used as a wedding venue recently and I think it’s such a good setting. Matt & Nicola had their reception in a marquee on the grounds of Kennington Hall and hired in caterers and a bouncy castle. It was a really fun atmosphere and some tables at the reception caught my attention! One table were doing dance-offs during the meal and another table invented “wasp hunger games” where they trapped wasps in drinking glasses. Unfortunately for me one guest fired a cork at his friend but it hit me square on the forehead instead. I pretended that it really hurt me and then got a super close up of him dancing to the Macarena on the dance floor as vengeance(!!) Matt & Nicola are both into outdoor adventuring and we took some pairs of wellies and went exploring through the woods and stream on the grounds of Kennington Hall. The bouncy castle was brilliant entertainment for the kids then in the evening the adults had a go too (I wish I could un-see one particular moment on the bouncy castle though!) A really sweet moment was just before the first dance when Nicola and her Mum embraced each other outside the marquee. It’s moments like this that I love to capture. I hope you enjoy some of my favourite images.

Matt & Nicola said “Picking people to do the really important stuff for your wedding day is usually really difficult. Are they reliable? Professional? The right choice for your special day? It was clear from the outset that Olly was going to tick all these boxes for us, and after meeting him, obvious that he was 100% the right person to come and photograph our wedding! All day he was blending into the background, chatting to guests and snapping away. It would have been easy to forget that he was there to take pictures and not there as an old friend! Our photos were waiting on the doormat on our return from honeymoon, beautifully presented and an absolute joy to look through! Olly really captured the feeling of the day with the photos he delivered, and we love them! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Olly!!”


All of the moments, none of the fuss