Folio Wedding Albums

Folio Wedding Albums are luxury, handmade albums all lovingly put together in the UK. They are the best quality albums I’ve ever worked with. I see wedding albums as a good investment as they are great to have on the coffee table when family and friends come over and instead of going through all 500 images on the computer you can show friends and family your favourite selection of images in one book. The Folio albums I order for my clients are high end photo books where the images are printed onto the pages. The beauty of this is that images can go across the centre of the page and really make a feature of the Bride and Groom’s favourite images. The covers come in cotton and linen in a variety of colours. My prices start from £500 for a 12×12 main album. I also offer 6×6 mini copies of the main album for £200. These can be great to give to Parents. Here are some images to see what the albums are like.

All of the moments, none of the fuss