Cooling Castle Barn is one of the most popular wedding venues in Kent and in fact puts on over 300 weddings each year! I think the reason why it is so popular is that everything is on site from the ceremony room to the dining room and accommodation for many guests and the Bride and Groom is also available.

Tim & Zoe's Wedding at Cooling Castle Barn

Here’s a picture from the front entrance. The old Castle is on the left then the barn and other buildings are on the right. There are also old horse carts outside dotted around the grounds which are great for photos of the Bride and Groom.

Tim & Zoe's Wedding at Cooling Castle Barn

The dining are is beautifully done. There are lights that are delicately wrapped around the old wooden beams and on each table there are lights in the centre. Whenever I hear guests enter this room they always comment on how lovely it looks!

Steve & Vicky's Wedding at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent

The ceremony room is light and spacious. This is a picture from Steve and Vicky’s wedding from May 2013. Outside there are fields nearby but also lovely locations on site like this place above. In May you get the lovely pink blossom on the trees too! Have a look at some of my galleries from weddings I’ve shot at Cooling Castle

Josh & George’s Wedding

Josh & George's Wedding at Cooling Castle Barn


Josh & George had their wedding at Cooling Castle in August 2016 and George said “We received our usb in the post today and we cannot express how amazing the images are. Olly caught the most amazing moments and memories in their rawest form and I am so thankful we chose him as our photographer. Thank you so much Olly for capturing our memories in such a beautiful way you are without a doubt the most talented photographer x”

Justin & Lauren’s Wedding

Justin & Lauren's Wedding at Cooling Castle Barn

Justin & Lauren had a Catholic ceremony in Bexleyheath then had a brilliant reception at Cooling Castle. Lauren said “We spent last night looking at the photos, we love them. Thank you so much. They are so natural and you captured all those special/funny moments. Thank you for doing such an amazing job in capturing our day, we are so happy with the photos.”

Tim & Zoe’s Wedding

Tim & Zoe's Wedding at Cooling Castle Barn

Tim & Zoe had their wedding celebration at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent with their friends and family from all over the world. Tim & Zoe emailed me saying “Hi Olly, We just flew back home from Europe this morning and have spent this evening looking through your photos. Thankyou so much for these amazing photos of the wedding. We are so happy and grateful that you were able to capture the happiness of the day which we shared with family and friends. Thank again Olly. All the best Zoe & Tim.”

Steve & Vicky’s Wedding

Steve & Vicky's Wedding at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent

You can always tell a wedding will be fun to shoot when you spend half of your Skype meeting with the couple laughing at funny things that are said. Steve and Vicky are real characters and were a pleasure to photograph. Cooling Caslte Barn was a great venue to snap at and check out the hog being turned on the spit- still makes me feel hungry! Steve & Vicky said “Olly thanks for the great pictures and thank you for being so discreet in your manner whilst capturing them!!”

Kevin & Sarah’s Wedding

Kevin & Sarah's Wedding

I went with my friend Rich Lehmann from The Other Day Photography to capture this wedding day. There were lots of fun moments with kids racing around outside and lots of laughter inside. A great wedding.

If you’re getting married and are thinking of choosing Cooling Castle Barn as your wedding venue I’d love to hear from you. Use the contact form and let me know what your date is and how long you’d like me for on the day and I can come back to you with a quote.