2020 – My Hand in Yours

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Right 2020. What can we say about you? You’ve been unexpected, you’ve been tough but I don’t want to simply forget you. You’ve actually brought me some memories that I want to remember. That’s why I’m doing this post. 


This year has been hard for all of us hasn’t it? I’ve lost 75% of my wedding photography work, the industry I work in has been decimated and I haven’t been able to access much of the government funding. I’ve been sad for my couples that have had to cancel or postpone their weddings and it’s felt weird doing my work behind a mask, not being able to give hugs and isolating in the build up to each wedding!


I realised quite quickly in March that I needed to diversify what I was doing for work. I started making more music online and raised £10,000 through Kickstarter to employ myself and my friends for a month to work on a worship album that I was writing which we released it in August. I also taught myself how to film. I shot some music videos and my first wedding video in August for Dom & Jodie (see below!) Since then I’ve booked another wedding to film. I’ve also enjoyed photographing more family shoots, shooting more proposals and teaching photography online. Whenever a booking has come in this year I’ve been very very thankful! More thankful than ever before. More importantly than work, 2020 has taught me how precious family life is. I’ve had more weekends off with my Wife and kids and I’ve loved it. I think the pandemic has made me appreciate the simple things in life too. A walk, a Saturday night curry or a board game are all real treats now!


There’ve been a few standout memories from 2020 too. Alastair & Rebecca had 4 days to plan their wedding after the first lockdown finished! They did it and were then interviewed on BBC news and my photos were shown as part of the interview! Another favourite memory was Tom & Chloe running into the sea with their family and friends after exchanging vows on the beach together. I love travelling overseas but this year my only wedding abroad was in Germany in September. Ahead of the trip I was nervous about travelling during the pandemic and seeing the rising numbers of cases but when I was out there it was incredible and Fabi & Charly had an actual real life DANCE FLOOR which was so fun to photograph again! My last wedding in 2020 was for Matt & Nat and after the ceremony everyone went outside to sing “O Come all Ye Faithful” with sparklers. Beautiful end to the year.


This is the first time I’ve written and sung a song to put with my images. This song “My Hand in Yours” is a song for the 10 couples that I’ve photographed or filmed this year. It’s a song about facing challenges (like planning 5 different weddings Rich & Francesca hey!?) but facing the challenges together hand in hand. 2020 has been unimaginably tough for so many of us. 2020 has also brought some amazing memories and taught us things we’ll never forget. 


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