I thought I’d write a page about why I give wedding photography clients USB flash drives. In the past giving clients DVDs with their images on worked well as DVDs are high capacity and could be engraved upon. However there have been a few reasons that persuaded me to make the change to USB flash drives…

Firstly over the last few years Apple have phased out DVD drives on their Macbook Pros and iMacs and it seems that USB flash drives are proving to be a more popular way of sharing large files now (as well as cloud based applications).

Secondly flash drives encourage the user to view the images on a high res computer screen like they were meant to be viewed on, not on a TV through a DVD player. As TVs have a lower resolution sometimes the colours or even the sizes of the images can be distorted.

Thirdly USB flash drives are more durable. DVDs can get scratched quite easily so having a flash drive with a lid on it means that the images are safer and more protected.

Fourthly I will be using a carbon neutral brand of wooden USB flash drives (see the picture opposite). They come with maple hard wood shells that have been sourced from sensibly managed forests from around the world. I also have the drives branded and displayed in a matching wooden case.

You can expect to get between 400-600 high resolution edited images from your wedding on the flash drive. I also duplicate all those images and make them smaller and sharper for the internet and put them in a low resolution folder on the flash drive.