Wedisson Award!

I was beyond excited when I got back from my holiday with the family in Menorca to check my emails and see that I’d won an award for one of my photographs! Wedisson choose their favourite photographs from wedding photographers all around the world for each of their collections. They chose this image that I took in December of Sarah and her Parents which is one of my favourite images I’ve taken!



About the Photo

There were so many beautiful and emotive moments between Sarah and her Parents on her wedding morning. Her Parents waited at the foot of the stairs as Sarah came down a long staircase in her dress. I loved that her Parents had hung that mirror in that particular place years before this day but not knowing that the placement of the mirror meant that I could get both Sarah and her Parents all in the same shot. I love how proud they look as they saw their Daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.

Having a one year old Daughter myself I’ve become even more fascinated with the relationship between the Bride and her Father at weddings. One day I’ll hopefully be seeing Rose in her wedding dress and walking her down the aisle. Sarah’s Dad started to cry as he saw Sarah in her dress and these kinds of moments really tell the story of a wedding day.

I’m thrilled to have won this award and it’s made me even more excited to be able to capture moments like these at weddings this year! Thanks to Andrew and Sarah and all my other lovely couples who’ve decided to entrust me with the job of capturing their wedding days.