Why Midweek Weddings Are Becoming More Popular

Lee & Becky's Wedding at The Old Kent BarnMidweek weddings are becoming more popular and as a wedding photographer (covering Kent and the South East) I’m taking on more midweek weddings as each year goes by. With a young family I like to spend as many weekends as possible with my Wife and Children so I try and only work two Saturdays a month then taking on more midweek weddings as requests come in. For midweek weddings I can offer lower prices for all day coverage and even less for a shorter amount of coverage. Friday weddings have always been fairly popular but now more couples are opting for Monday-Thursday weddings too. Here’s a few reasons why I think more couples are going for midweek weddings…

– Venues and suppliers offer more discount on their services for midweek weddings as opposed to Saturday weddings.

– Couples don’t have to compromise as much on the venue or suppliers they really want if they can be flexible on what day of the week they get married on. There’s little chance of getting your favourite venue or photographer for a Saturday wedding in July with 6 months notice but if the wedding was on a Tuesday or Wednesday in July there’s much more chance of getting your first choices.

– People’s working patterns have become more flexible so days off during the week for a wedding are more possible than they used to be. The one main exception here are Teachers but I’ve photographed a few weddings for Teachers on weekdays during school holidays.

– Friends and Family have got more used to the idea of midweek weddings as their popularity has increased in the last 5-10 years. As a result there will be less negative response to a “save the date” card for a midweek wedding nowadays in comparison with 20 years ago.

So there we go! I’m a big fan of midweek weddings and to get an idea of what your photography will cost for a midweek wedding do email info@ollyknightphotography.co.uk for a quote.