For my wedding photography albums that I design in Kent I use Jorgensen albums. Jorgensen are one of the top luxury brands when it comes to wedding album makers. I use their linen studio albums. These have a beautiful textured finish which is similar to a light tweed. These albums can have one to four images on each page. The images are the real photographs set into mats. For 20 page albums I charge £500 but you can have up to 60 pages.

These albums are contemporary looking but because of the simple and elegant design they won’t quickly date like many other types of photograph album. I see choosing the right wedding photography album as an investment for the future. You’re likely to keep your wedding album for the rest of your life so paying a decent amount for a luxury album is a sensible investment.

Jorgensen Linen Studio Album Jorgensen Linen Studio AlbumJorgensen Linen Studio AlbumJorgensen Linen Studio Album