Adam & Jess’ Socially Distanced Kent Wedding

Adam & Jess’ wedding was always going to be on 1st August but because of covid plans had to change. They decided to have a socially distanced wedding ceremony at Holy Innocents’ Church in Adisham and then some couple photos afterwards and then next year have a big celebration where all their friends and family could join in. So this is part 1 of 2 for me! I did prep photos before the ceremony and it was so nice to be doing this again. There were some lovely moments like when Jess walked into the lounge and her family were beaming at her. I had to mask up for the ceremony as did the guests (the camera got all nicely steamed up!) but my approach is to document weddings as they happen so I’ll show masks, hand san and all the rest in the photos. If it was part of the day then it’s part of the photos. Adam’s Brother sang during the ceremony, he had an amazing voice. Things I love about weddings like the confetti, the connection between the Bride and Groom and kids being kids were all here to photograph! I loved it. Adam & Jess were a great couple to photograph and I enjoyed being around them and HomeGem on video. I’ve since photographed their wedding celebration. See those pictures here.

Hi Olly! We couldn’t resist the temptation so have paused mid hike in Portugal to look at them all (you should see our view!) – they’re absolutely stunning, thank you so so much, we love them all and they’ve absolutely captured how we felt about the day!  xx