Here are a few frequently asked questions- I hope this is a useful read for you!

How will the digital images get to me? All my wedding packages contain 400-600 images from your wedding day. They will be high resolution JPEGs, fully edited and free from any watermarks. They will be sent to you within a month of the wedding (often within a week or two) You’ll have a slideshow to see my favourite images from your wedding set to music then you’ll receive a link to your online gallery where you can view and download all of your high res images and low res images (optimised for social media with my watermark on).

Is it best to meet face to face before we book you? It’s always nice to meet up in person in Canterbury (where I’m based) and have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee and get to know one another. However it’s not always possible if the couple live along way away so other options include a Zoom call or have a chat on the phone.

How much of a deposit do you charge? I ask for a £500 deposit at the time of booking and there’s a contract to look through and sign. This secures me for your wedding day. The remainder of the amount is due one month before the wedding date.

Do you take formal group photos as well as the natural pictures? I really love natural photos with genuine emotion in them and that’s what I specialise in. However I’m aware that some family members will often want a more traditional line up photo of family members. I’ll do some of these as long as the number of “formals” is 6 or less therefore taking less than fifteen minutes. This way the Bride & Groom can have some of their own pictures and guests can enjoy milling around and chatting without 3 hours of “say cheese” photos!

What proportion of images will be in black and white? I’m a big black and white fan so I’ll edit around a third of the chosen pictures to be black and white and the rest in colour.

Do you need a meal at the wedding? I promise not to crash the top table (!) but I do ask to be fed a hot meal at the wedding. Wedding days tend to be physically demanding for the photographer and the chance to have some food and sit down for a bit before the evening kicks off is very much needed! I tend to recharge best around people so sitting with guests is great. I also get to know people better and this can lead to some fun shots on the dance floor later as people are even more relaxed around me. If sitting with guests isn’t possible I’m fine with a supplier’s meal in the bar.

Do you work regularly with a videographer? Yes, Luke and Abi from Homegem work with me sometimes at weddings. They have a very similar style to me covering what happens in a documentary way. I shot their wedding a few years ago too!

Can you bring a second photographer? Yes, I work with some great photographers in Kent and can enquire about their availability for your wedding day. For a day’s coverage you can expect to pay £400 for another professional photographer.

What happens if you are ill on our wedding day? Thankfully I’ve never been too ill on a wedding day not to photograph it before. I really would need to be at death’s door to not make it to your wedding day. If the worst comes to the worst and for some reason I am unable to attend then I am part of a large network of photographers across the South East of the UK and I’m confident another great photographer could step in.

What will you wear to our wedding? Speedos… not really. I’ll try and blend in best I can on the wedding day and normally wear a shirt, a bowtie, smart shoes and smart trousers.

Are you covered by insurance? Yes I have full public liability and personal indemnity insurance up to the value of £1,000,000(!) I have all my equipment insured too.

Do you have back up equipment? Yes I do. I have two camera bodies, several lenses, two flash guns, several memory cards and lots of batteries. My cameras each have two memory card slots so your pictures are simultaneously saved to both (just in case one memory card was to brake). We even have two cars (just incase)!  Nothing has broken in the past but if anything were to brake then I’d be covered with a minimum of two of everything!