DSLR Tuition in Canterbury

1398958_558711977537060_460175761_oLast Winter I ran a series of lessons for people giving them an introduction to DSLR photography. I also did a couple of mornings for those wanting wedding photography tuition. I’ve managed to get every pupil I’ve taught off the automatic modes on their cameras and onto manual!

For £100 you’ll get 4 hours with me looking at the basics of DSLR photography. We will be covering-

– What the settings mean on your camera
– How to compose a shot
– How to light your subject
– Editing tips

If you’d like to book me or find out more then please email info@ollyknightphotography.co.uk or call 07762810271

Here’s what Laura said after spending a day at one of Olly’s classes “It was a fun and energetic day filled with great tuition and I now know how to use my camera! Olly keeps your attention with practicals in between each section. I highly recommend this relaxed, friendly photographer.”

Heather was given the tuition as a present from her Husband and said “Olly has passed on his passion, experience and energy and given me the confidence to go out and take my camera off auto!!!”

Jennie was bought a Canon 1100D last Christmas and this Christmas was given this DSLR tuition day as a present “Olly is a fantastic tutor, he puts you at ease and makes it fun. Olly gives a flexible, well structured and personalised session to help you get the best out of the course. I would absolutely recommend Olly’s tuition to anyone interested in photography at any level- whether you’re just starting out or looking for something more advanced.”

Classes are held 9.30am-1.30pm in Canterbury on Thursdays and Fridays. Do get in touch to see when the next available class is. Here are a few pictures from some lessons I’ve done.

DSLR Tuition by Olly Knight PhotographyDSLR Tuition by Olly Knight PhotographyDSLR Tuition by Olly Knight PhotographyDSLR Tuition by Olly Knight PhotographyDSLR Tuition by Olly Knight PhotographyRuss & Helen's Wedding at Leeds CastleDSLR Tuition by Olly Knight Photography

Here are some more reviews from other people who’ve done the course

My photography lesson with Olly was epic! It was easy going, I learnt lots, had a bit of a giggle taking practice shots but most of all it made me fall in love with the monster (aka my DSLR). I feel totally equipped to go out and take lots of different types of photos in different scenarios. Olly taught me how to use the 3 most important settings on my camera and I’m pleased to say that I have graduated from auto to manual. Photography now excites me more than it ever has and I’m excited to put all this new knowledge into practice. Thanks Olly!

Kelly, March 2015 Photography Tuition

Thanks Olly for such an entertaining and informative lesson! It’s been great to get the insight of someone who understands the fundamentals and can break it down into easy to understand examples. I’ll be using the camera in manual mode from now on and I’ll be looking at light in a completely different way! Thanks!

Paul, February 2015 Photography Tuition